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Those who have followed my blog, know I am a supporter of World Community Grid. For 20 years I worked for IBM, I learned what a great program this was. I have been a member since February 15, 2007. I also formed the Community of Paris Kentucky Team.

Why am I bringing this up now? IBM has announced a new World Community Grid Project for COVID-19. Now is the time to help scientists around the world on this pandemic. COVID-19 has shown the world how vulnerable we are to a Pandemic. Now it’s our turn to show the world how we can respond. Please take the time to learn about this incredible program and help support it.

You can help the scientific community around the world on COVID-19, and so many other worthy causes. These include diseases and other initiatives:

  • Cancer
  • Childhood Cancer
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Zika
  • Ebola
  • AIDs
  • Clean Water
  • Tuberculosis
  • Africa Rainfall
  • Solar Power
  • Microbiome Immunity
  • COVID-19

What is World Community Grid?

World Community Grid is software that you install on your PC or Android phone. It runs in the background using what is called idle time. This is when your computer is not being used. You may have stepped away, or be done for the day, and leave your computer on, this is when it runs. It processes small bits of data for projects. Every so often it returns that data back to the main World Community Grid computers, with the results from the calculations performed.

Imagine the number of computers around the world, each contributing just a little bit of time toward these goals. That adds up quickly. Currently the World Community Grid has over 700,000 users, with over 2 million years of computation time submitted. This only covers a small fraction of the computers around the world.

Who benefits from the research that is conducted?

All results from the World Community Grid are required to be made available into the PUBLIC DOMAIN. Meaning it is available for anyone and everyone to use. There is no corporation that is benefiting from this more than any other. Every research lab, whether private or public has access to it. Every business big or small has the same access to this data. It is open and free to the world.

Volunteers are needed around the world. It is easy to step and support the World Community Grid. Your computer does the work for you, and you can know that your helping people around the world. Scientists need your help.

Don’t take my word for it. Here is a video from a World Community Grid volunteer.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

How would I feel if I lost someone to COVID-19?

Now is the time to join the World Community Grid to help fight this virus. Ever second of idle time on your computer could be that one step closer to a cure, or vacine.

Ever wish you could have done more to help stop cancer?

Maybe you lost someone, or you fear for what the future may hold. World Community Grid has targeted many kinds of cancers over the years and continues to target even more. Don’t waste another minute.

Wish you could have helped?

Diseases, Viruses, Clean Water, Solar Power, or a number of other topics are all things the World Community Grid tackles. This is your chance to contribute to those projects.

Wanted to volunteer but didn’t know how to?

World Community Grid makes it easy to volunteer. Your computer does the work for you in the background. You won’t notice it running.

Ready to Join?

The Signup process has changed since this video was created, however you can click here and follow their very simple process

Concerned about it slowing your Computer?

IT Director? CTO? How about installing it across your company

World Community Grid offers a way for you to install “BOINC” the software used across your organization. Use this link to see a presentation on mass installing World Community Grid and this paper for deployment instructions.

Want to learn more?

Here is the World Community Grid playlist from YouTube

By Jeffery Miller

I am known for being able to quickly decipher difficult problems to assist development teams in producing a solution. I have been called upon to be the Team Lead for multiple large-scale projects. I have a keen interest in learning new technologies, always ready for a new challenge.

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