Complex Queries for Java data JAVA

Complex Queries for Java data

Recently a project I was working on called for a complex filter that was needed for selecting specific elements from a large data set. Looking at various methods of doing this, none provided a simple method to do so. First I wrote out my own Predicat…
Minecraft Functions meets Java Minecraft

Minecraft Functions meets Java

My son has gotten into Minecraft and Star Wars. He wanted the two of us to build the Death Star in Minecraft. That is not a small undertaking. I got thinking about it, and came up with the idea to use Java to create function files that would create t…
List v’s Array JAVA

List v’s Array

Discussion on which is the better choice of type to return from a method or function for multiple items. Both have their values, but flexibility gives you the most options. Brief discussion on the advantages.
ListUtils Page JAVA

ListUtils Page

Ever have a list, that you need to paginate through? I certainly have, I created a simple method to ListUtils to make it easier. /** * Performs pagination on the List, returning the indicated page of elements, or an empty ist. * @param list List to p…
CalUtils JAVA


Recently had a need to break things out over a given date range into month-long increments. I found a solution that did this, however, I was not happy with it using the old Calendar() API. I set about creating a new implementation for this based on L… JAVA

Sometimes you need to guarantee a list is safe to use. A simple method can make sure your safe to use the list, or have an empty list that would be safe for use. /** * Guarantees a list will be safe to use, even if null. * @param list List to check i…