CalUtils JAVA


Recently had a need to break things out over a given date range into month-long increments. I found a solution that did this, however, I was not happy with it using the old Calendar() API. I set about creating a new implementation for this based on L…
Geo – Line JAVA

Geo – Line

One of the simplest shapes we can make is GeoLine. It consists of two GeoLocations the start, and end of the line. The line is the simplest of shapes but is used by other shapes to make their structure. View this gist on GitHub… JAVA

Sometimes you need to guarantee a list is safe to use. A simple method can make sure your safe to use the list, or have an empty list that would be safe for use. /** * Guarantees a list will be safe to use, even if null. * @param list List to check i…
Geo – Location JAVA

Geo – Location

So we have Latitude and Longitude, putting those together we have a location now. That is simple enough, but once we have a location, we can use that to derive other locations. Deriving new locations We create the addDistanceEast(), addDistanceWest()…