Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Your now ready to configure your Settings for your WordPress Blog.  Let's open up your General Settings to start with:  https://<Insertyournamespacehere>.wordpress.com/wp-admin/options-general.php 


Site Title:  This is the name of your website, this can be as simple as "Christian Church in Kentucky Demo Website"  or something as eleborate as "First Christian Church of Paris Kentucky Welcoming all God's People".  Enter in what you think is appropriate for your church.  I would recommend keeping it simple.

Tag Line: This is where you put something short but important about your church.  For First Christian Church of Paris, KY I used "Welcoming All God's People!"  This should be very specific to your individual church.

Timezone: I advise you to scroll through the list and choose one based on city.  For those church in Kentucky, "Kentucky – Louisville" and "Kentucky – Monicello"  are available.  Choose the correct one for you timezone.

Date Format:  Choose a Format for your date stamps on your website. This is your preference and liking on how Date's will appear.

Time Format:  Choose a Format for your time stamps on your website. This is your preference and liking on how Time will appear.

Week Starts on:  Choose which day of the week, you would like your week to start on.  Again this your preference, most often Sunday or Monday is choosen.

Language: Choose the Language you wish your website to be listed in.  This will determine the lanugage of menus your are presented with as the Admin, as well as what language other plug-ins should use.

These are the most important settings you should get set immediately.  Other settings can be tweeked later on, these should be set to help you determine your Theme, which is your next step.

By Jeffery Miller

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