Church Social Media Strategy Church Tech

Church Social Media Strategy

In today's world if a congregation wishes to reach out to the Youth, new members, or existing members, they must have a Church Social Media Strategy.  There are many aspects and many forms of Social Media.  Let's discuss some of t…
Church Website Calendar Church Tech

Church Website Calendar

I highly recommend the use of the All-in-One Event Calendar plugin for your Church Website Calendar.  The Calendar is one of the most important aspects of a Church Website, it provides your members, and public with a view of what is happeni…
Developing a Church Website(Baby Step 2) Church Tech

Developing a Church Website(Baby Step 2)

Alright so you have setup your website, you have setup roles, moderation, security, password policy, calendar, blog, and announcements, now your ready for Baby Step 2. Baby Step 2, is designed to provide information about your church.  These are goi…