Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Wanting to move my church into the 21st Century I started looking for Video Recording Solution for a camera and system to use do this.  Previously I had priced out some “Scary” pricey cameras.  Then I came along the HuddleCamHD-10x.  On paper it looked really good.  The features looked like it had what I needed.  The HuddleCamHD seemed to fit the bill of what we need.

10x Zoom

Let me just say I was pleasantly surprised after I receive the HuddleCamHD and saw how well it worked in our sanctuary.  Our sanctuary is round and about 65 feet in diameter.  Using the HuddleCamHD I am able to zoom in on someone across from the camera position on the far side of the sanctuary and have that person full screen.  I had to get the wall mounting bracket for where I was installing it.


Many of the cameras I had found when searching were often 720p, or lower in resolution.  I wanted to be able to get 1080p resolution as we planned to begin recording the sermons initially and later on the entire worship service.  We have a 1080p projector in our fellowship hall, and wanted to be able to display at top resolution anything we recorded there.  Well this camera does an excellent job at 1080p.  Unfortunately our computer is a little under powered currently and we need to upgrade it.

64 Presets

This was actually one of the most important features for me in choosing a camera.  We needed a system that one person could control X number of cameras. The only way to be able to do this was to have presets.  The more the merrier, as we could be using a large number of them as we add additional cameras later on.  64 presets on the HuddleCamHD was very nice as it gave me the ability to setup a large number of camera angles, and when we expanded cameras we could have the cameras set for the same location but different angles, to allow for better camera angles as we recorded.

Want to see what this camera recorded like?

Overall I love this camera, it’s a great setup with a single camera and the ability to expand out to additional cameras makes it a great first step in our video endeavors. Price wise I found this was a great deal, over many other cameras I came across.  So I give the HuddleCamHD 5 of 5 Yoda’s!


By Jeffery Miller

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