Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

When I got the HuddleCamHD for my church I also picked up the HuddleCam HD-PTXJOY  which is a joystick controller for camera systems.  I had to do some actual digging to find much information on the HuddleCam Joystick, because it just wasn’t where I was used to finding it.  I thought it would be best if I would stick with the HuddleCam Joystick, since I was getting the HuddleCamHD camera.  However information was severely lacking, which made this a very difficult decision process. So below is the information I can share with you:

Protcol Formats

This is how the device talks to the camera to control it.  The HuddleCam Joystick supports three format:  Pelco-D, and Pelco-P, Visca.  These are the three most popular formats.  The HuddleCamHD uses Visca.  This can operate over RS232, RS422, and RS485 connections.

Communicaiton Distance

This is important, when your thinking about installing cameras at far distances. Well with the HuddleCam Joystick that was not an issue.  Using 0.5mm twisted pair, we can reach 1200m.  Yes you read that correctly 1200m, or for those who didn’t get it 1.2km.  Needless to say while the church is large, 1.2km, would more than cover the entire church.

Camera Control

The Joystick allows for full pan/ tilt, pattern, zoom, and AUX operation and so on.  Allowing for the presets of the camera to be used.

While the HuddleCam Joystick does a good job, there are few things missing.  Instructions it’s not very clear on what is and isn’t available in terms hooking up the wire, and configuring the device. I was able to get it working and it is doing great for our church.  This didn’t take long, but I have experience working with electronics.  Someone who doesn’t know what an RS232 connection is, won’t get very far.  For this reason I give the HuddleCam Joystick 3 Yoda’s.



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