Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

I have recently found this App, and it has been wonderful. Ever have a "Honey Do" list, a work list, and a wish list?  You have things jotted down everywhere on things you need to do, it gets difficult to keep track of everything, and then you miss something on that "Honey Do" list and your now sleeping on the couch, because you forgot to pickup the mother-in-law at the airport.

Here is your life saver for those moments!!!  Download this App, to your iPhone, Android, PC, iPad, or Mac.  Set it up on your Wife's device.  You both can add and remove items from the list of things to do with easily.  The wonderful thing about it?  All your devices are kept in sync!!!!!

Add "Pickup Mother-in-Law at airport" and set a due date of Wednesday, and when you check your App on Wednesday there is your reminder that you need to do that.  Your wife needs to add something to the list, fine she can add it in on her phone to  your list, and you will have it soon as well. Now when you get home and don't have the "Mother-in-Law" you can point and say look you didn't add it to my list and set a reminder, so don't blame me!!!! Ok so your still going to be on the couch, but hey at least you know you did your best.

The one place this App could use an improvement, provide a notification to the user, that something is due that day.  Also integration to the calendar would be a huge plus as well.

By Jeffery Miller

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