OpenFeign, a declarative HTTP client, simplifies REST API interactions in Java. Let’s see how:

  1. Dependency: Add OpenFeign to your project (Maven example):
  1. Interface: Define an interface mirroring your REST endpoints:
@FeignClient(name = "myService", url = "${myService.url}") 
public interface MyServiceClient {
    User getUserById(@PathVariable("id") Long id, @RequestHeader("Authorization") String authorizationHeader); 
  1. Enable: In your main Spring Boot application, enable Feign:
public class MyApplication { ... }
  1. Configure: Set the server address in your application properties:
  1. Use: Inject and use your client like any other bean:
private MyServiceClient myServiceClient;

String authHeader = "Bearer myToken";
User user = myServiceClient.getUserById(123L, authHeader);

OpenFeign handles the complexities of HTTP communication, allowing you to focus on your application logic.

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