Mon. May 29th, 2023

Jenkins is ready to integrate into IFTTT!  That’s right while there is no Jenkins Channel setup, you can make use of the Maker Channel.  This is a great way to integrate Jenkins into your IFTTT system.

IFTTT Build Notifier 1.2 [ Website ] [ Download ]

I contributed to this project to help extend the abilities of the IFTTT Build Notifier to be more comprehensive.  To that extent please checkout the features:

Starting with version 1.2 we now have the ability to specify three different events with out IFTTT Build Notifier.

  • Event Name – This event is signaled every time a build completes.  Regardless of Success/Failure this event will be called.
  • Success Event Name – This event is signaled every build that completes successfully.
  • Failure Event Name – This even is signaled every build that fails.

This allows you to tailor your build notifications specifically to your needs.  Maybe you need to be notified when a build fails, to immediately correct the issue.

Jenkins Google Drive Build Loger

Create a log in Google Sheets of all builds reported, the date, time, project name, build number and status.  Requires the IFTTT Build Notifier to be installed on your Jenkins Server.

Jenkins Build Log

Jenkins Build Notification Receive an notification of Jenkins Builds on your smartphone.  Requires the IFTTT Build Notifier to be installed on your Jenkins Server.
Receive notifications of Jenkins Build Failures as a notification on your Android Phone.


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