Mon. May 29th, 2023

Time TrackingEver need a time tracking system to track your hours?  Well here is a set of recipes to help you do this.  Using 3 recipes on IFTTT I will show you how to create a time tracking system to track your time. It will sum up your total hours for each session, and show you the total so far for each week.  Unfortunately one of the required Recipes I can not publish on IFTTT as it does not give me the option.  Follow these steps and you will be good to go. .

  1. Create two instances of this recipe Clock In/Out Weekly Divider, this will generate two rows at the start of each week to separate out your weeks. It is important that 2 rows as inserted as each line added tracks based on Even/Odd, determines it’s behavior.
  2. Install Do Button [ Google Play ] [ ITunes ]
  3. Login to the Do Button
  4. Create a new Do Button using the Google Drive Channel
  5. Fill in the fields as follows:
    • Recipe Title: Clock In/Out
    • SpreadSheet name: Work Hours
    • Drive Folder Path: Business
    • Formatted Row:

{{OccurredAt}} ||| =IF(ISODD(ROW()), “Started”, “Stopped”) |||=IF(ISEVEN(ROW()),
ADDRESS(ROW(),COLUMN()-2,4)),”\w+ \d{2}, \d{4}”)) +
“\d{2}:\d{2}[A|P]M$”))) –
“\w+ \d{2}, \d{4}”)) +
“\d{2}:\d{2}[A|P]M$”)))) * 24, 2),””)|||

Time tracking is as simple as clicking the Do Button, click it once when to start tracking and click it again when to stop.  Get precise now to the minute tracking.  In addition need to track time for different things, change the name of the button and change the name of the spreadsheet name and your all set!

My future plans for time tracking:

  • Remove the dependency of the even/odd rows
  • Add a calculator on each “Started” line to show how much time since you started that session.
  • Create a template to use, with some advanced capabilities.

By Jeffery Miller

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