ListUtils.size() JAVA


Simple yet handy method for your ListUtils class. Handle if null, and return the number of elements in the list. Effective and simple.
List Intersection, Union, & Unique JAVA

List Intersection, Union, & Unique

Ever have two lists that you need to pull the unique elements from? Or need to pull the elements in both? Here is a ListUtils class for doing just those steps. package name.mymiller.extensions.utils; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List;…
Pipeline Switches JAVA

Pipeline Switches

One of the things that make pipelines attract is the ability to create switches. Now my question to you is what if it isn't the data your processing that should determine if a switch pushes the data down an alternate pipeline? We have several methods…
Java Pipelines JAVA

Java Pipelines

Java streams introduced a new way to program for developers. Have a dataset and build a stream to filter, it maps it, and then collect it in the new form. This gave developers a powerful tool to use in development and data processing. I can't even be…