Review:  HuddleCam HD-PTZJOY Joystick Reviews

Review: HuddleCam HD-PTZJOY Joystick

When I got the HuddleCamHD for my church I also picked up the HuddleCam HD-PTXJOY  which is a joystick controller for camera systems.  I had to do some actual digging to find much information on the HuddleCam Joystick, because it just wasn't …
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Review: HuddleCamHD-10X Video Conference Camera

Wanting to move my church into the 21st Century I started looking for Video Recording Solution for a camera and system to use do this.  Previously I had priced out some "Scary" pricey cameras.  Then I came along the HuddleCamHD-10x.  On paper…