RSS Secrets of Social Media Church Tech

RSS Secrets of Social Media

RSS is a powerful feature of websites. It allows a very easy integration with websites, allowing software, or other websites to pull information from a website.  When used properly it can be an extremely powerful tool for access information. …
Church Social Media Strategy Church Tech

Church Social Media Strategy

In today's world if a congregation wishes to reach out to the Youth, new members, or existing members, they must have a Church Social Media Strategy.  There are many aspects and many forms of Social Media.  Let's discuss s…
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Everyone is now everywhere, and it's difficult to determine where someone is, well the solution is  It's a setp on the direction of pulling together the latest information from multiple sites so you know where someone is at and whe…
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Let me just say when it comes to interconnecting social media sites, If This Then That is the best connector available for connecting pieces together.  If you use more tha Twitter or Facebook, then you should check out this site.  I've foun…