JavaFx Maven Docker Image Programming

JavaFx Maven Docker Image

Recently when setting up a Jenkins build environment to use a Docker Image with Maven that could build a JavaFX project.  Thanks to some searching and a bit of hunting I was able to create a Docker image to perform just what I needed: OpenJDK…
Jenkinsfile for a Maven Build Technology

Jenkinsfile for a Maven Build

Jenkinsfile is a great concept, however, I have found documentation is lacking.  To that end, a simple Jenkinsfile for building a Maven project should not be very difficult. With that in mind let me walk you through the steps on what you need…
Maven for the Beginner Technology

Maven for the Beginner

Maven is a Java project's build system.  I have seen other attempts to create an all encompassing system, and really had not used Maven, not really seeing a big difference between it and Ant.  Until a project I started on six months ago that …
Jenkins: Content Security Policy Programming

Jenkins: Content Security Policy

Run Jenkins with a number of plugins that save preserve HTML documents that are outside of the Jenkins pages, and your likely going to run into this issue when accessing, a blank page. JavaDoc - You will get the frames but no content in the f…