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Jenkinsfile for a Maven Build


Jenkinsfile is a great concept, however, I have found documentation is lacking.  To that end, a simple Jenkinsfile for building a Maven project should not be very difficult. With that in mind let me walk you through the steps on what Read more…

Extending Jenkins to IFTTT


Jenkins is ready to integrate into IFTTT!  That’s right while there is no Jenkins Channel setup, you can make use of the Maker Channel.  This is a great way to integrate Jenkins into your IFTTT system. IFTTT Build Notifier 1.2 Read more…

Review: Jenkins: The Definitive Guide

Jenkins Which Way?

Not so long ago I found my self being assigned a task to build out a new Jenkins server for a team.  I had worked with Jenkins some, not a lot at this time.  I certainly had not installed Jenkins Read more…

Jenkins: Content Security Policy

Run Jenkins with a number of plugins that save preserve HTML documents that are outside of the Jenkins pages, and your likely going to run into this issue when accessing, a blank page. JavaDoc – You will get the frames Read more…

Jenkins Add Slave via Command LIne

Sometimes you need to be able to add a slave to Jenkins Master via the command line.  I have taken great use of that recently by having it automatically add Docker Slaves.  Here is the code:

Things to change: Read more…