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Java’s missing TreeMap

One thing I have always found lacking in Java collections/containers is TreeMap. A simple class that takes a hierarchical approach to mapping data to a node.  Given a hierarchical string like “/java/myapp/javafx/config/phone” I can set the various objects relative to Read more…

Maven for the Beginner

Maven Building

Maven is a Java project’s build system.  I have seen other attempts to create an all encompassing system, and really had not used Maven, not really seeing a big difference between it and Ant.  Until a project I started on Read more…

UnitOfTime – Measure and convert you milliseconds

Continuing my series on advanced classes that are handy to have around when needed.  I have created the UnitOfTime.  This class is used to convert a number of milliseconds over to a more understandable period of time.

UnitOfDistance – Measure and Convert your distance


Well I was bored one night after creating the UnitOfMemory and decided what else could be useful in the future.  I came up with a UnitOfDistance to convert distances over land.  Miles v’s kilometers and everything in between.  The class Read more…

AdvancedCalendar – java.util.Calendar java.util.Date java.text.SimpleDateFormat

Every get tired of converting from Dates to Calendars and then need to use SimpleDateFormat to output it as a String?  How about parsing a string and getting a Date object?  Personally after a single project that had several  date Read more…