Extending Jenkins to IFTTT IFTTT

Extending Jenkins to IFTTT

Jenkins is ready to integrate into IFTTT!  That's right while there is no Jenkins Channel setup, you can make use of the Maker Channel.  This is a great way to integrate Jenkins into your IFTTT system. IFTTT Build Notifier 1.2 [ Website ] [ D…
Time Tracking System using IFTTT Do Button IFTTT

Time Tracking System using IFTTT Do Button

Ever need a time tracking system to track your hours?  Well here is a set of recipes to help you do this.  Using 3 recipes on IFTTT I will show you how to create a time tracking system to track your time. It will sum up your total hours for e…


Let me just say when it comes to interconnecting social media sites, If This Then That is the best connector available for connecting pieces together.  If you use more tha Twitter or Facebook, then you should check out this site.  I've foun…