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Android vulnerable to SMSishing

Security experts have identified a flaw in the Android Operating System making it vulnerable to SMSishing.  What this means to the users of Android Phones & Tablets?  We need to keep a close eye on our security settings of our A…
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App: ICSSync

When I first switch to my Android phone I was very disappointed to find that my Calendar didn't have better support for ICS files, like the iPhone did.  I started searching and finally found ICSSync, and have used it every sense.  It's a gr…
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App: Wunderlist

I have recently found this App, and it has been wonderful. Ever have a "Honey Do" list, a work list, and a wish list?  You have things jotted down everywhere on things you need to do, it gets difficult to keep track of eve…
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App: Life360

This is a nice little App, particularly for parents.  Instead of paying AT&T for their Family Map plan, you can get this free App, to install on your Android, iPhone, or even your iPad.  You can specifuy the interval for when the update…