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Series: HTTP Server in a Jar

HTTP Server Filters in a Jar


We discussed the HTTP Server ContextHandler in a Jar one of the methods was ContextHandlerInterface.getFilters() this method returns a list of Filters to apply to incoming HTTP Requests.  We subclass for these classes. These can be used to do processing on Read more…

HTTP Server Command Handler in a Jar


Today, I’m going to share with you a command handler for the HTTP Server I presented previously.  This is a handler to extend the abilities of that HTTP Server in a Jar to provide you the ability to stop, restart Read more…

HTTP Server ContextHandler in a Jar


Last time I showed you how to create a basic HTTP Server that you can put into a JAR easily.  Today I’m going to show you how to extend that to include a ContextHandler and AbstractContextHandler to make it easier Read more…

HTTP Server in your Jar


I recently had the need to be able to access a couple of files from a number of computers and didn’t want to setup network shares and things.  These were a simple text files, that I was logging information into. Read more…