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Series: Advanced Classes

Java’s missing TreeMap

One thing I have always found lacking in Java collections/containers is TreeMap. A simple class that takes a hierarchical approach to mapping data to a node.  Given a hierarchical string like “/java/myapp/javafx/config/phone” I can set the various objects relative to Read more…

UnitOfTime – Measure and convert you milliseconds

Continuing my series on advanced classes that are handy to have around when needed.  I have created the UnitOfTime.  This class is used to convert a number of milliseconds over to a more understandable period of time.

UnitOfMemory – Measure and convert you bytes

Not very often do I need to take a number of bytes and convert them into the most appropriate measurement.  This came up recently on a project and I thought it would be nice to just create a class to Read more…

UnitOfDistance – Measure and Convert your distance


Well I was bored one night after creating the UnitOfMemory and decided what else could be useful in the future.  I came up with a UnitOfDistance to convert distances over land.  Miles v’s kilometers and everything in between.  The class Read more…

AdvancedCalendar – java.util.Calendar java.util.Date java.text.SimpleDateFormat

Every get tired of converting from Dates to Calendars and then need to use SimpleDateFormat to output it as a String?  How about parsing a string and getting a Date object?  Personally after a single project that had several  date Read more…

AdvancedString – java.lang.String on steroids!


Every need an additional method on the String Class?  Well I have and it would have made life much easier.  Unfortunately you can’t subclass String as it is Final.  So what are you to do?  Well you wrap the String Read more…