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RSS Secrets of Social Media Church Tech

RSS Secrets of Social Media

RSS is a powerful feature of websites. It allows a very easy integration with websites, allowing software, or other websites to pull information from a website.  When used properly it can be an extremely powerful tool for access information. …
Church Website Directory Church Tech

Church Website Directory

You want to add a Directory of your members to your Church Website, well Wordpress plugin Connections  is just the tool you need to do this.  Install this plugin and activate it.  Now your ready to make start configuring. Let&#…
Church Website Gallery Church Tech

Church Website Gallery

For adding a Photo Album or Image Gallery to your Church Website, I recommend NextGEN Gallery  this is a bit confusing to setup at first, but it's robust and provides you with a great set of features.  Again install the plugin …
Church Social Media Strategy Church Tech

Church Social Media Strategy

In today's world if a congregation wishes to reach out to the Youth, new members, or existing members, they must have a Church Social Media Strategy.  There are many aspects and many forms of Social Media.  Let's discuss s…
Church Website Calendar Church Tech

Church Website Calendar

I highly recommend the use of the All-in-One Event Calendar plugin for your Church Website Calendar.  The Calendar is one of the most important aspects of a Church Website, it provides your members, and public with a view of what is…