Storing a Media Collection Programming

Storing a Media Collection

Storing your media collection has become quite a challenge.  How do you keep up enough space to be able to store it safely and still access it.  I present today a couple of solutions toward this problem. Synology DiskStation 2-Bay (…
FindBugs for Eclipse Programming

FindBugs for Eclipse

FindBugs is a static code analyzer for Java bytecode.  Static code analyzers are great in they provide feedback on problems as you develop.  You would in a position to run an analysis any time you desire, and find potential probolem…
Eclipse based Software Bus Programming

Eclipse based Software Bus

I have always thought one of the most useful pieces of software was a software bus.  What is a software bus?  A small piece of code that would take up no/limited screen real estate that you can develop pieces of software that interact or work…