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Continuous Integration / Continuous Development

continuous integration development

Continuous Integration and Continuous Development is the ideal step for agile teams.  The goal here is that every time a developer makes a change, that change is quickly tested with automated testing.  This testing ideally would include unit and integration Read more…

OWASP for Maven Dependency Check

owasp dependency check

Need to check for security issues in your Maven Dependencies? OWASP can be integrated into your Maven build process easily.

Jenkinsfile for a Maven Build


Jenkinsfile is a great concept, however, I have found documentation is lacking.  To that end, a simple Jenkinsfile for building a Maven project should not be very difficult. With that in mind let me walk you through the steps on what Read more…

Maven for the Beginner

Maven Building

Maven is a Java project’s build system.  I have seen other attempts to create an all encompassing system, and really had not used Maven, not really seeing a big difference between it and Ant.  Until a project I started on Read more…

Extending Jenkins to IFTTT


Jenkins is ready to integrate into IFTTT!  That’s right while there is no Jenkins Channel setup, you can make use of the Maker Channel.  This is a great way to integrate Jenkins into your IFTTT system. IFTTT Build Notifier 1.2 Read more…