Jeffery Miller

I am known for being able to quickly decipher difficult problems to assist development teams in producing a solution. I have been called upon to be the Team Lead for multiple large-scale projects. I have a keen interest in learning new technologies, always ready for a new challenge.
Developing a Church Website(Baby Step 2) Church Tech

Developing a Church Website(Baby Step 2)

Alright so you have setup your website, you have setup roles, moderation, security, password policy, calendar, blog, and announcements, now your ready for Baby Step 2. Baby Step 2, is designed to provide information about your church.  These…
Developing a Church Website (Baby Step 1) Church Tech

Developing a Church Website (Baby Step 1)

I'm going to create a series of posts on how to design a website for a church. I'm going to guide you on what you need to look at, and to proceed one step at a time.  A website is nothing more than a series of baby steps, and I'm going to wa…
App: ICSSync Technology

App: ICSSync

When I first switch to my Android phone I was very disappointed to find that my Calendar didn't have better support for ICS files, like the iPhone did.  I started searching and finally found ICSSync, and have used it every sense.  It's a gr…
App: iNet Technology

App: iNet

I have had this app now for about a year.  It has been a wonderful tool, in diagnosing problems on my home network, and the network at my church.  This is one of my tools for working on Network issues.  Being able to scan a subnet and identif…
App: Wunderlist Technology

App: Wunderlist

I have recently found this App, and it has been wonderful. Ever have a "Honey Do" list, a work list, and a wish list?  You have things jotted down everywhere on things you need to do, it gets difficult to keep track of eve…