Jeffery Miller

I am known for being able to quickly decipher difficult problems to assist development teams in producing a solution. I have been called upon to be the Team Lead for multiple large-scale projects. I have a keen interest in learning new technologies, always ready for a new challenge.
Pipeline Switches JAVA

Pipeline Switches

One of the things that make pipelines attract is the ability to create switches. Now my question to you is what if it isn't the data your processing that should determine if a switch pushes the data down an alternate pipeline? We have several…
Angular Environment Angular

Angular Environment

Building a website for today and tomorrow begins with Angular. Yes I am a proponent of Angular over many other client frameworks. Let's look over the goals of this post to help you get started. Node.jsAngular-CliAngular Workspace Angular Mate…
Java Pipelines JAVA

Java Pipelines

Java streams introduced a new way to program for developers. Have a dataset and build a stream to filter, it maps it, and then collect it in the new form. This gave developers a powerful tool to use in development and data processing. I can't…
Not Returning Null JAVA

Not Returning Null

We all have done it, in fact, I'm in the process of changing my APIs over to not do.  Returning NULL for a return type.  After doing some work with streams, I see that return NULL often adds additional complexity to the code.  In this article…
Java Development Tips JAVA

Java Development Tips

Java-based servers or applications often have to deal with large amounts of data.  Whether the data is from a database, or from a local file, processing this data in an efficient manner is a priority for maintainability. In this article,…