Sametime Configuration Validator

Yes I am blogging about the Sametime Configuration Validator and yes that is my name on on the Sametime Wiki for that page containing it.  My team and I are the ones who developed it.  Currently the first release is available and plans are to extend the tool every few months as we continue to develop it.

Currently it checks the following areas of configuration:

  • LDAP Configuration
  • Web SSO Configuration
  • Community Security Configuration
  • Whitespace Detection
  • Node Synchronization
  • STResolve Tuneup
  • Meeting Server Tuneup

Let me say if you administer Sametime, then you should be checking this out, and keeping track of this App.  The ability to validate your configuration after you have made changes to your Sametime envrionment: Priceless. 

While not every thing is currently checked, additional items will be added as they are developed in periodic releases.  Expect to see some great things.

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